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Synchrotek designs rotating electric machinery.  Standard Synchrotek generators can be modified or custom generators and motors can be designed and manufactured.  Our staff of skilled electrical and mechanical engineers can design, analize, build, test and produce in the quantities you need, from one to many thousands.  SolidWorks is our standard 3D CAD design software so our designs can be as elaborate as they need to be and as elegant as possible.

Associated Items

Synchrotek supports the generators it makes with these items when the customer needs them:
  • Inverter systems to convert the variable frequency, variable voltage generator output to grid compatible electrical power.
  • Speed up mechanical drives.  Synchrotek designs novel systems that are efficient, reliable, price competitive and light weight.
Custom Synchrotek Generator Design

Synchrotek designs generators and motors to meet customer needs.  Here are typical design variations.
  • Special voltages (Wye or Delta connection)
  • High speed or broad speed range
  • Special cooling consideration (high altitude, low temperature, water cooled)
  • Special environmental sealing (dust, water)
  • Orientation and mounting
  • Unusual mechanical and electrical sizes
  • Mechanical and electrical integration with customer equipment
  • Special inverter requirements for voltage, frequency or battery charging
  • Consideration for hybrid energy storage